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We display to you how transparent cryptocurrency investment opportunities look like, all through the accumulation of mining cryptocurrencies, using tangible assets.

SAM Source, Aquire and Assemble

SAM has partnered with computer hardware suppliers all around the globe and only select the best hardware components at the best price with efficient delivery. SAM’s expert technical team enjoy what they do and assemble your investment in the shortest time.

SAM Manage and Maintain Your Hardware

Your Investment is housed at secure facilities with reliable backup power at the most affordable electricity consumption rates. SAM pro-actively manages your investment around the clock under a fixed service agreement term.

You Receive Your Mined Cryptocurrencies

Live Dashboard Access with attractive statistics giving you insight into your Investment operation, payments and financial calculations.

The Problem

Investors are faced with Crypto Currency investment schemes that they have:

  • A lack of knowledge of
  • Limited or 0% control over
  • False sense of security
  • Misrepresentation of expectations
  • Nothing tangible to show for


Cryptocurrencies is really computer software designed to store transaction records that is used in the exchange for goods and services online, on the internet. The Cryptocurrency assets ownership records, together with the transaction details are stored in a database, otherwise known as a ledger, using strong cryptographic software security code which is then distributed across multiple pieces of data (blocks), that are interlinked across the internet to secure transaction records, control the creation of additional coins, and to verify the transfer of coin ownership.

Read the Fact Sheet and the end of the FAQ’s for some interesting FACTS!

Cryptocurrency removes central banks and authoratarians from managing the money supply, since over time they tend to reduce the value of money via inflation
The technology behind cryptocurrencies, called the blockchain, is a decentralized processing and recording system, not owned by anyone and can be more secure than traditional payment and financial systems

Blockchain is defined as a ledger or otherwise known as a software database that contains decentralized data which is securely shared. It is an open source software process verification technology.

The innovative feature of Blockchain technologies is that it guarantees the security of records of data and generates trust without the need for a trusted third party.

There are 3 types of Blockchains

Public Blockchain
A public, or permission-less, blockchain network is one where anyone can participate without restrictions. Most types of cryptocurrencies run on a public blockchain that is governed by rules or consensus algorithms.

Permissioned or Private Blockchain
A private, or permissioned, blockchain allows organizations to set controls on who can access blockchain data. Only users who are granted permissions can access specific sets of data. Oracle Blockchain Platform is a permissioned blockchain.

Federated or Consortium Blockchain
A blockchain network where the consensus process (mining process) is closely controlled by a preselected set of nodes or by a preselected number of stakeholders.

Cryptocurrencies as we know them exists, because of Blockchain Technologies.

Cryptocurrency Mining refers to the energy intensive process of computer hardware for solving complex math problems through verification of multiple electronic transactions and adding them to a digital software defined blockchain, a public ledger. It is essentially bookkeeping for the Cryptocurrency network and in return for Miners accounting services Miners get rewarded in Cryptocurrencies.

Just like your regular wallet that stores physical currency when you’re not using it, a cryptocurrency stores your digital currency.

Your Crypto Wallet stores not only your Crypto assets but also your Private Key! Just like your Credit Card with its Card Number and CVC number at the back. NEVER EVER, EVER, share your Private key with anyone!

Always Backup your Private key, out of reach! Don’t store your Private key online!

The safest and most secure way is doing it the old school way; write it down on a piece of paper (laminate it for long store use) and make a copy or 2. Then put it somewhere you would remember.

In most cases, if you lose your Private key, you will lose your Crypto assets!

Types of Wallets:

Hardware Wallets
Also referred to “Cold Wallets”, which stores your Private Key, offline on a physical device, not connected to the internet (when stored)

Software Wallets

Also referred to as “Hot Wallets”, which stores your Crypto assets and Private key online, just like your Banks! You don’t want that, because the principal and fundamental technology behind Blockchain, is to put You, in control! If you’re a day trader in Crypto, it makes it easier to keep some amount online, but NEVER, EVER, leave large amounts of Crypto assets online!

Check out SAM’s Blog for more on Wallets!

So, you have your Crypto Investment Hardware working for you and generating automated income day and night but, how and when do you get paid?

Before we answer that question, we need to understand Crypto Mining Pools:

A mining pool is a joint and collective group of Crypto Miners who combine their computational resources over the internet to strengthen the probability of finding a transaction to successfully Mine Cryptocurrencies. If the mining pool is successful and receives a reward, that reward is divided among all Crypto Miners, in proportion of each Miner’s processing power, relative to the entire group in the pool.

Now, because the reward originates from the Mining Pool, the said Mining Pool pays the reward directly the owner of the Crypto Wallet.

Need a new Car, Motorbike, Jet Ski, Boat or have an eye on a piece of land? Maybe you just want to go buy bread and milk with your Mined Crypto; its super easy and you have several options, each with their own set of, let’s call them “rules” to remember.

  • Sell your Crypto back to an Exchange, and receive South African Rand
  • Use a Crypto ATM, they seem to popup out of nowhere.
  • Load Crypto on a Prepaid Card and swipe anywhere, anytime.

FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. FUD is a strategy of investors who want to lower the price of crypto coins so they can buy them cheaply. Investors can spread FUD to the public so that investors can deposit coins at low prices.

FOMO – Fear of Missing Out. Aren’t most of us?

HODL – Hold On for Dear Life. Why spend Crypto if you can hold on to them and watch them grow?

Pump and Dump – Used in the world of Trading, Pump means that the price of a coin will be increased, while Dump means that the price of a coin will drop.

Bearish and Bullish – Bearish relates to Crypto prices being stagnate and or decline. Bullish relates to the opposite – Here’s to many more Bull Runs! HODL along!

Correction – Once a coin has peaked, it will most likely enter a period of correction or decline to a stable price at a certain level before rising again.

Staking – Several Crypto assets on the Blockchain can be staked (saved over a period) in order for the investor to receive a stake (savings) reward. The Staked Crypto is used to validate transactions on the blockchain.

Dapp – Decentralized Application are software defined applications that runs on the Blockchain.

DeFi – Decentralized Finance is a financial system that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. In general, DeFi provides transparent and open financial services.

DEX – Decentralized Exchange is a Blockchain network service where crypto owners can buy other cryptocurrencies directly (peer-to-peer) from other users without having to use an exchange platform.

CEX – Centralized Exchange is an off chain (in other words, not a Blockchain) network service, usually represented by a registered company where and of which integrates with the on chain (Blockchain), where crypto owners can buy, trade, sell, swop, lend, borrow, stake etc. Cryptocurrencies between both owners of Crypto and the Exchange itself.

Whale – Individuals who own large amounts of certain cryptocurrencies are called Whales with a minimum of 5 percent of all crypto assets.

NFT – Non-Fungible Token that cannot be replaced, like digital art where each work cannot be duplicated by others and ownership can be traced to the first seller. NFT’s are like digital certificate of ownership of the original work which includes video assets, music, paintings, photos, avatars, names, and so on.

Rule No. 1 – Nothing in Life is a guarantee!
Rule No. 2 – No person or company can guarantee you anything, especially in the world of Cryptocurrencies! If they do, RUN!
Rule No. 3 – If in doubt, reread Rules No. 1 & 2!

SAM does not Buy or Trade Crypto, She Accumalates it Smarter!

Education on Investment Considerations

So you have invested a lump-sum amount into your Cryptocurrency Mining hardware and you have generated an automated income stream. Now what?

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies (assets on a blockchain network) being actively traded across hundreds of exchanges globally. Every Investor should know about the 5 types of metrics used to determine any blockchain asset’s value as well as the associated Risk, Reward, Cost and Profit factors.

No Trading Skill Required

As an Investor, accumulation of value holding assets could become worth more when exchanged for something else. It’s all excitement while you drive into the experience

Your Wealth, in Your Hands, thank SAM

As your mined Cryptocurrencies increase in value. so should your dreams. No Broker or Brokerage Fees. No Taxation Fees. Your Wealth, your Wallet, your Way


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SAM doesn't buy or trade Crypto, she helps Investors accumulate it Smarter!

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